Why helping others is so important to your Well-Being

By on September 25, 2016

One way to keep growing as a person is to get involved in helping others. The great news is that in today’s age, it’s easier than ever to stay connected to people and what they need. Here are some reasons why you need to focus on others:

•             Studies show that focusing on others can be key in personal development. Think about when you were young—you knew about one person: yourself. As you developed, so did your world. As an adult helping others can push your boundaries and show you what you're truly capable of.

•             Helping others can give you valuable promotional outlets. Organize a charity drive, be a partner with someone raising money for a cause, help out at a food pantry—all of these things keep you focused on bringing some good to the world. They also help you to reach out and network with new people.

•             Connecting with others consistently keeps you informed. Whether you're looking for a new home, a new job or a new date—getting the word out to a bigger pool of people can be a great place to start. They can all be on the lookout for you to lead you to your next opportunity.

•             Socializing keeps you sharp. Helping your community keeps you aware of the needs of people around you. Sure you know some superficial notions of what your neighbors and community wants, but do you know specifically what they need? Do you know how to appropriately channel your energies to really help? Socializing gets you that razor-sharp vision of what step to take to be relevant.

•             Helping others makes you feel good. Sure you can sit at home and watch the latest streaming series again, but you also have a choice. Rather than sit life out, why not really get in the game? By emotionally investing in the people and things around you, you give yourself a chance to set a goal, work towards that goal and achieve it. That’s a primary way to feel good about yourself.

•             Pay it forward with your children to teach them good lessons. Helping your community is a great way to set a real-life example for your children. They say parenting is 20% telling your kids how to live and 80% showing them how to live. Get out there and start showing them how much lending a helping hand can do and the personal rewards that come along with it.


These are just some of the reasons why helping others can reward you. Always get involved and put your skill set to the test. Use some of your free time to dedicate to helping others. Not only will you see the fruits of your labor, but you likely will make quite a few new connections along the way! 

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