The importance of effective Communication

By on September 25, 2016

Whether you are attending networking events, creating free ads, finding jobs, promoting business or socializing generally, effective communication is always of the utmost importance. Let's take a closer look at the following reasons why you need to be emphasizing effective communication in every facet of your existence. 

1. Building Relationship

A business owner who is trying to network, a professional who seeks new connections with like minded individuals and a job seeker in search of a lead on a new place of employment all have one pivotal fact in common: their ability to build and maintain relationships will make or break their level of success. Without effective communication skills, you are unable to get your points across in the proper manner and this can lead to a great deal of confusion when you attempt to follow up on initial interactions.

2. Increased Innovation

Innovation can only take place when all parties involved feel complete and total freedom to express any ideas that they may have. When we feel comfortable expressing new ideas, this allows those who we are conversing with to think outside of the box. Networking events and promoting business are only successful when thoughts and ideas can be exchanged openly. Without effective communication skills, ideas cannot be carried out to their maximum level of potential.

3. Putting Together a Team

Whether you are socializing generally, out finding jobs or seeking new team members for your growing business, putting together a great team is very important. At the workplace, open communication must be encouraged, so that any and all thoughts and ideas are expressed without fear. If the team members (or job providers) you are speaking with cannot express their ideas easily, they will feel less secure in their own abilities. Meanwhile, a great communicator has the self confidence necessary to converse with anyone on the totem pole, from the biggest boss to the lowliest intern.

4. Fueling Growth

Even the most well run organization with large amounts of capital at their disposal struggles to grow if each branch is not communicating in an effective manner. If free ads are created without reaching a company wide consensus, they may end up falling on deaf ears or failing to reach the right audience. Additionally, employees who do not have faith in the upper rungs of management may not communicate their concerns in a timely fashion, which can lead to unnecessary delays.

5. Transparency

Socializing generally and finding jobs is all about the level of transparency you provide. Effective communication gives the person a chance to get their point across and build a stronger level of trust with the people who they are conversing with. When a difficult decision needs to be made, companies tend to lean on their most transparent staff members to aid them in the process. 

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