People Account Vs Bank Account;

By on September 25, 2016

A strong network can be likened to money in the bank. No doubt, your network can help you connect with influencers, build visibility and open up doors for new opportunities. One of the most powerful things may want to do to support the advancement of your career is building and nurturing a viable network.

Most often than not, the networking efforts of most people have been ineffective because they are just social and haphazard. Socializing generally cannot help you develop a strong network. Most times, these activities are made with friends and family who may not even be willing to speak for you and are not always in the right position to help you further your career.

If you fail to invest in your relationships (people account), it could adversely affect the way you invest your money (bank account). By implication, you network is your net worth. To this end, you need to master the skills of networking. It doesn’t have to be that frantic old-fashioned way of packing stuffy power lunches with calendars and participating in those sterile community business gatherings every evening.

The explosion of digital technology has significantly improved the way people network. The new era presents a shift in cultural values that now enables people to network in vastly more enjoyable, more focused and more efficient ways. To grow your network, you need to adopt some innovative strategies of networking.

With the upsurge of new ways to network, traditional networking opportunities are beginning to take a different turn as it has evolved from a transactional game to a transformational process. To this end, there is need to shift your approaches and attitudes accordingly. These days it’s all about making meaningful connections, following your passions and charting your own course which is all aimed at increasing your productivity and happiness. 

So forget the power plays and get down to building a strong network. It is important for you now to network proactively. You will definitely run out of luck if you suddenly lose your job without having a strong network. And how can you get information about finding jobs if you do not have a network of people to provide you with free ads?

By supporting you with an influential collection of people who are both ready and able to speak for you on a regular basis, networking proactively provides you with an immeasurable advantage for promoting business. Your ability to build the social capital will help to establish the network for you which will always be available whenever you need it.

In order to support your career aspirations, you need to create a powerful network by creating solid relationships. Bear in mind, that strategic networking goes way beyond socializing, attending events and swapping business cards.

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