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In the business and creative realms, there comes a time when initial work on a project is nearing completion and it is time to start letting the world in on your ideas or construction. A press release is the ‘foot in the door’ that one needs in order to start making contact with other like-minded […]


When it comes to the internet, there are countless online social media platforms available today that have replaced the way people meet and communicate. There are opposite concepts and understandings regarding these two powerful ways of communication. So what are the benefits of meeting people electronically and physically? And which way is better than the […]


Social media is the base of many of our activities. The activities range from business networking to politics, from learning new languages to knowing more about your heroes. Whether you want to start a new love relationship, or you want to show your relations to your wider circle, all is a matter of some clicks […]


Working on your business and want to grow your market base? A simple way to do so is through social media. As social media is trending nowadays, we are all able to market our skills, competence, and business performance through this media. However, for a naïve internet marketer, this can be a bit difficult. You […]