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Choosing the right career can be difficult and those who fail to realize the inherent importance involved in this decision will often end up making the wrong choice. Selecting the right career is crucial to our overall level of happiness and fulfillment and by taking the proper steps, you can place yourself in a position […]


No matter what career you plan to pursue, there are a number of benefits to thinking positive. Whether you are in a business that requires a great deal of networking or you are trying to make money on blogs, those who have positive attitudes tend to progress much further than those who allow themselves to […]


While some of us consider ourselves to be loners who do not need the help of anyone else to get to where we would like to go, the importance of community cannot be neglected. However, the concept of community can be quite difficult to define, as it can mean several things to several different people. […]


Considering the number of opportunities and amount of resources we have in the world today, why is it that only few are really rich among us? Why is attaining financial freedom difficult? No one is born to be wealthy or poor. Neither does the common superstitious belief of destiny or luck affect this situation. To […]


These days, the work-life balance seems like an impossible exploit. Technology makes employees accessible round-the-clock. Fear of job loss makes people work for longer hours. Some make money on blogs while others branch into networking. In fact, 94% of salaried professionals reported working over 50 hours weekly. The stress from a never-ending workday can be […]


Embarking on a search for a job isn’t always easy. There are a lot of ways to network and promote yourself, but they can be overwhelming. Here are some tips on how to strategically build your search system and find the job that is perfect: •             Revisit your resume. Most people don’t regularly update their […]