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Starting a business with support from friends and family can make all the difference in your ultimate success. Whether you are going into marketing, legal, VAT, finance or you are recruiting a great team, there is every tendency that you will need the support of partners, friends and family. Before establishing a start-up, it is […]


Networking and socializing generally are great channels that should be entwined by anyone looking to grow their business. Both channels of interaction can be used to amplify your communications with prospective clients as well as with people you have already met which in turn will help you achieve your objectives. These channels provide a viable […]


Many consumers are concerned with their savings accounts and their checking accounts, but give little attention to their “people accounts”. A “people account” is a term used to reference how many people you have within your network. In today’s internet age, the “people account” is highly valuable. A people account can mean people within your […]